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Roller crawbar for machine skates and dollies

A roller crowbar is an auxiliary tool for machine dollies and skates. It has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation.
All the crowbars with wheels produced by our company are forged by skilled workers, we can provide various types of roller crowbars, and can also provide special specifications according to customer requirements.

CRA type straight-moving machine skates

Straight-moving machine skates, also known as (load-moving skates, machine rollers, PU-wheeled small tanks, moving dolly, etc.) are mainly used to replace traditional "roller" handling tasks. The advantages of straight-moving machine skate are small size, Lightweight and easy operation.

CRP 360 degree rotating load moving skate

CRP rotating load moving skate also named moving trolly, universal moving tank, machine mover, machine dolly. It is an upgraded version of the ordinary moving skates. The common wheel materials are PU wheels and steel wheels. The models are 3 wheels, 4 wheels, 5 wheels, and 6 wheels. To be customized according to the requirements.

X+Y Series Combination Machinery Moving Skate

The X+Y combined machine moving skate is a kind of heavy-duty machine skates. It mainly uses small wheels and is composed of X and Y types. Type X is steerable, Type Y straight, combined can be turned and straight. The X+Y combined heavy machinery skates have a heavier load than ordinary machinery dollies, the maximum load capacity can be 32 tons.

180 degree rotating machinery moving skate

The 180 degree rotating moving skate has a wide range of applications and can be used in various operating environments. The moving skate can be used not only individually, but also in multiple applications. A single load range is from 2 to 30 tons, when multiple use the load capacity can be 60 tons.