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2 Leg Chain Sling - Grade 80 double leg chain sling

A two-leg chain sling has two lengths of chain connected to a master oblong. Hooks are fitted on the ends, and the hook types can be chosen based on application need; options available include a grab hook, latched sling hook, foundry hook, or a hammerlock. A configuration with a hook instead of a master oblong is also available. Oblongs instead of hooks are also a possible configuration.

This type of sling is also known as a 2 leg chain sling or a 2 leg bridle sling chain since this configuration is meant to be used with a bridle hitch with two pick points.

Our slings are manufactured in China with Grade 80 chain and fittings. The Grade 80 chain has a varnish coat, and the Grade 80 fittings have a heavy powder coating that helps with corrosion resistance.

Also available: adjustable double leg chain slings which have an additional two lengths of the chain (6 inches each), with hooks. These shorter lengths are also attached to the master oblong and allow the user to shorten a chain leg as needed without a reduction in WLL.

Proof Testing

Proof testing has been done on every link of the chain to 2.5 times it's working load limit. To get your custom chain sling tested at the time of manufacture, it must be requested when the order is placed with our sales specialists. For an additional fee, we will proof test your sling and issue a certificate when requested at the time the order is placed.

Chain Sling Components for size 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm

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