What to do if the chain hoist slipping?
Chain hoist is a kind of manual lifting tool. In the process of more frequent use, various problems will appear. Some problems can be avoided, and some problems are unavoidable, one of the problem is the slipping of chain hoists.

What to do if the chain hoist skids?

1. The chain hoist is equipped with brake pads, ratchets and pawls. If the spring on the pawl is loose, it will cause the chain hoist to slip;

2. The friction disc of the chain hoist is constantly abraded and thinned during use, resulting a reduction in friction and slipping;
3. Improper maintenance may cause excessive oil stains in the chain hoist to cause wear on the surface of the friction disc, or the friction disc will be in a relatively dangerous working condition due to the loosening of the operating mechanism;

4. The friction disc is covered with oil, which reduces the friction force, so slippage occurs.


1. Replace the pawl spring to avoid slipping;

2. If the chain hoist is used frequently, check it every 7 days. If there is oil on the friction disc, it needs to be replaced immediately;

3. Buying good quality chain hoist, some metal wires will be incorporated into the surface of the friction plate to increase wear resistance and stability.