What to do when chain hoist stuck when lifting down?
Chain hoist is a safety and reliability lifting tool, It is suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, warehouses, etc., to install machines and lift goods, especially for open air and power operation.

What to do when chain hoist stuck when lifting down?

During the operation of chain hoist, sometimes the lifting object cannot be lowered. Generally, there are the following possibilities:

1. The chain hoist braked and locked.

2. The lifting chain is kinked, so it cannot be lowered when it is stuck.

3. The gear of the chain hoist is jammed by foreign matter and cannot operate normally.

Treatment 1: Pull the pulling chain in the descending direction forcefully, usually 3-4 times to return to normal.

Treatment 2: Pull the pulling chain, let the chain hoist lift the heavy object upwards, untie the knot of chains.

Treatment 3: Open the gear cover, take out the scrap stuck in the gear, and install it back to the original state (generally, the scrap may be the fragment of gear, carefully check whether the gear is intact)

Note: It is strictly forbidden to repair or disassemble the chain hoist when the chain hoist is under load.