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Manual Hydraulic Stacker

Manual hydraulic stacker is a non-polluting, non-powered loading and unloading product. The product has a compact structure, flexible transportation, simple operation, and a small turning radius. Suitable for cargo handling and stacking in factories, workshops, warehouses, stations, docks, etc.

Main Features

· Manual hydraulic stacker can load and unload pallets, stack items, or transport short distances

· Simple structure, flexible operation, high explosion-proof safety

· Suitable for narrow aisles and other small spaces, such as loading or unloading goods in cars or containers

· Mast material is high-strength C steel. Especially the double mast series, it is more stable and safer when lifting

· Equipped with an extended mesh cover. The mesh cover and the mounting screws are integrated, which is not easy to fall off and fall down, which is   more safety and convenient. Widened wheel frame protection can better protect operators from injury

  Adjustable fork width

· More scientific ergonomic handle design improves comfort and reduces fatigue

Details of Manual Hydraulic Stacker

Workshop & Packages

A manual hydraulic stacker is more suitable for sites with fire and explosion requirements (such as printing workshops, oil depots, terminals, warehouses, etc.). If combined with pallet packing, containers, etc., unitized transportation can be achieved, which effectively reduces the collision of parts, scratches, and stacking areas reduces the workload, and improves efficiency. Single gate structure design, small turning radius, suitable for machinery manufacturing, paper making, printing, handling, logistics, and other industries.

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