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Permanent lifting & crane magnets for safe lifting

The permanent lifting magnets of CreaLifting series are mainly use to magnetism plant shape or column ironware materials and workpiece. It's provided with the characteristics of light structure, easy operation, powerful magnetism. It's been widely used as the hoisting tools in factory, dock, storehouse and transportation.

CL-B Permanent lifting magnets

Working load: 100-5000KG

Compcat structure,light weight,easy to operate.

Without electricity,magnetic permanent.

Safety factor 3-3.5times,

Insurance device to prevent wrong operation.

Maintenance-free design,long service life

“V”groove design, suck or circular workpiece perfectly.

Operation of Magnetic Lifter

Before lifting, clean up the surface of workpiece first. Make sure the center of magnet and workpiece weight coincide,then turn the crank from "-" to "+" .
Check if it's auto-locked, then crane. 
When lifting, overloading is prohibited. No body allowed to pass through under it.The temperature of workpiece and ambient can not over 80 degree.without violent vibration and impact.
When lifting round work-piece, keep B chamfer liner contact with the workpiece adjacent angel. So the lifting force will only 30%~50% lifting capacity.
After finish lifting, turn the crank from "+" to "-".Then the workpiece drop off with the lifting jack.

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