How to choose a correct chain hoist?

Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment widely used in the lifting industry. Sometimes customers don't know how to choose a suitable electric hoist.

When choose a chain hoist, you must know your requirements. For example:

1. Where to use it: indoor or outdoor, is the area wet and rainy? Electric hoists of different waterproof grades can be selected according to different needs.

2. Load capacity: the load capacity is very important. If you mostly lift one-ton, but buy a two-ton hoist, it is a waste. If you need lift two tons buying a one-ton hoist, the hoist will not work because of overload.

3. Lifting height: You should know the lifting hight to choose the length of chain or wire rope.

4. Voltage: The conventional voltage usually be 380V and 220V. It is different in different countries, so be sure to the required voltage.

How to distinguish a good electric hoist;

1. See if the electric hoist has been tested and obtained relevant certificates.

2. The anti-overload effect is intuitive. If the overloaded, the operation should be stopped immediately.

3. The brakes should be sensitive, once the brakes worked, the hoist should stop steadily without sliding.

4. Non-noise, only the sound of chain movement can be heard during use, the electric hoist itself has no noise.
5. The automatic correction chain guide system, no matter how messy the chain is in use, the guide chain system will automatically adjust it to prevent the sticking of chains.