The difference between electric hoist and electric winch

Both electric hoist and electric winch are widely used in the field of lifting. They have many things in common and differences. In work, how should we choose them?

The difference between the electric hoist and electric winch

1. The electric hoist can move left and right, the hoist winch can only be used in a fixed manner.

2. The hoisting speed of electric wire rope hoist is 8 m/min, the minimum lifting speed of electric winch is generally 10 m/min. The lifting speed varies according to the lifting weight and the capacity of electric winch.

3. Lifting height: the lifting hight of electric hoist is generally 6M, 12M, etc. It is possible to add wire rope, because adding a wire rope will change the volume of hoist drum. The hoist winch only needs to see its rope capacity, which is generally 100M.

4. The electric hoist is small in size, the hoist winch is large in size. The installation of electric hoist requires I-beam, and the hoist is fixed.

5. The electric hoist can only be used for hoisting, the hoist winch can also be used for traction.