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380V KCD Electric Winch

KCD electric hoist winch with capacity 300/600kgs 500/1000kgs 380V 50hz 3 phase, it is easy to use and easy maintenance, the length of the wire rope can be customized according to customer’s demands.

Main features:

Fast braking speed

Small volume &light weight

Compact structure

Easy to use & maintenance. 

The length of the wire rope can be customized.


The KCD electric hoist winch can be used in residential construction, ash brick, freight yard warehouse, shopping malls, restaurants, individual workshops, small factories, can make any Angle of moving, lifting, loading, and unloading, it is the better small lifting tool.

The winches can be classified in different ways:

1. According to the power supply, it can be divided into manual, electric and hydraulic winches. Electric winches are commonly used in lifting engineering.

2. According to the transmission form, electric winch can be divided into electric reversible (brake type) and electric friction type (friction clutch type).

3. According to the number of drums, the electric winch can be divided into single drum and double drum.

4. According to the rotation, it can be divided into slow and fast winch. In lifting engineering, slow hoist is generally used.

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