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  • Chain hoist is the most important tool in powerless lifting operation. With the increase of powerless operation, the problems occur accordingly. Today we're talking about the the braking problem when the hoist is lowered.
  • 2019-12-24
    Christmas is really a gentle and warm holiday. In this snowy year-end, lets speak to the precious people in our life with ritual and gentleness, saying "Merry Christmas, Happy Forever!"
  • The lifting pulley can be used for lifting in various occasions, but as the pulley itself is metal, people need to protect the pulley in a variety of ways during lifting. Waterproofing is one of them.
  • Recently, many friends have asked us for these large-tonnage lifting block, 3-sheave 50T, 5-sheave 200 tons, all can be done.
  • Pulley block is a tool widely used in lifting and transporting operations. It is used with the wire rope and equipped with a winch for lifting and transporting heavy objects.
  • Chains are graded into different grades based on the ultimate breaking strength of the chain, measured in N/mm2, different grade of chains have different occasions.
  • Chain slings is one of the equipment utilized to lift heavy loads. The chain slings can be used in various industrial and construction applications. They're temperature resistant and strong enough to handle a wide array of loading conditions.
  • The pulley is to be used with the wire rope, it is necessary to select a suitable pulley according to the diameter of the wire rope to ensure smooth operation.
  • The permanent lifting magnet is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Widely used in factories, terminals, warehouses, transportation industry, greatly improveed the working conditions labor efficiency.
  • What should we do when the electric hoist fail to work? Now let's tell you four little tips: