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Mini Electric Hoist Trolley

Mini electric hoist trolley works by running on the down edge of the beam, combined with the electric hoist or hand power hoist to be formed into the lane with the bridge, single-rail, or arm-suspended style. They can be widely used in the hang-transportation occasions for mounting the machine and equipment in workshops, mining, dock, warehouse Machine work, injection, compression casting, pressurization, clamping die, and construction sites.

Main Features: 

1. Steel frame side plates extend beyond the wheels for end stop contacts. Side plate shave tapped holes for collector bracket attachment. Optional drop stops and bumpers.

2. Wheels are forged and heat-treated steel with contour tread for use on Standard I-beam or wide flange beams.

3. Traverse motor is 30-minute rated, totally enclosed non-ventilated with class "F" insulation with thermal switches as to protect the motor from overheating.

4. Traverse gearing is housed in a heavy-duty right angle drive reducer with output pinion meshing with machine cut wheel gears.

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