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Mini Electric Hoist

The mini electric hoists are utilized in different lifting applications in various industries. Our wide range of products includes Mini Electric Hoist, Heavy-Duty Electric Hoist, Electric Winch. In addition, the items offered by us are introduced with settle suspension, outfitted trolley, and power trolley according to the particular necessities of our significant customers.

Features of Mini Electric Hoist:

1. Excellent control characteristics, the minimal setting force required, designed for one-hand operation.

2. Heat-treated suspension hook and load hook.

3. The stator and rotor are 1cm longer than other similar parts of the motor on the market, and more copper wires are used, make sure that the motor heats up more slowly, the power is greater and more secure.

4. Motor shell and gearbox are specially thickened. 

5. Each motor must be strictly inspected, unqualified products must not be allowed to leave the factory.

Mini Electric Hoist Parameters:

Details of Core Parts:

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