HSVD Manual chain hoist

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HSVD Manual chain hoist

1) Capacity: From 0.5T --10Ton
2) Double cover protection
3) Fully forged Hooks
4) with Double pawls
5) with Double guide wheel
6) with G80 load chains of high quality
7) Load chains can be galvanized/blacked as per option.

HSVD Manual chain hoist

1.Double pawls supporting fail-safe brake mechanism for secure operations.

2.Wet friction discs with longer life.

3.Unique chain guide.

4.Heat-treated steel side plates, gears, and shafts for enhanced strength.

5. Quenched and Tempered High Tensile Alloy Steel Chain and hooks.

6. Forged upper and bottom hooks with forged steel safety latches.

7.Powder-coated finish.

HSVD Manual chain block



1. Gearcase and handwheel cover resistant to external shocks.

2. Double enclosure to keep out rainwater and dust.

3. Double pawl spring mechanism to further increase of sureness.

4. Sure and reliable mechanical brake.

5. Hooks for easy work.

6. a Bearing mechanism to increase mechanical efficiency.

7. Ultra-strong load chain (nickel-plated). 

8. Meeting requirement of EN13157.

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